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Readers (hopefully) may have noticed a potential ban on alcohol in city parks heating up in recent news. This worries us - we enjoy a beer on the river as much as any other students. We’ve chronicled the events leading up to the vote in two Main Point editorials, two news articles, and two opinions columns, one of which actually supported the ban.
One aspect we feel the city neglected to consider is local businesses. A city whose economy relies on river tourism as much as San Marcos can only hurt itself by making a cash crop like alcohol illegal.
We aren’t the only ones on the river, of course. Ariella Hannon, opinions columnist, took the other side in a column.
No matter your opinion or ours, though, no amount of editorials or blog posts will influence city council as much as attending the city’s public forum on the issue tomorrow. It will be held at the San Marcos Activity Center from 10 am to 7 pm.
Although the second reading has been postponed several times now, the ban was originally passed 6-1 in city council chambers.
Think about it. Do something about it.

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